Why Choosing a Qualified Portland Healthcare Cleaning Service Matters

Essential healthcare and medical office cleaning services.

As a qualified Portland healthcare cleaning service, we know that healthcare-associated infections affect millions of people annually. HAIs, or Healthcare Acquired Infections, are a serious problem and at ServiceMaster Building Services here in Portland, we are committed to our role in environmental cleaning. Many HAI cases are considered preventable. Through proper healthcare cleaning by trained Portland cleaning service professionals, we clean critical control points throughout your facility with detail.

How Healthcare Facilities Are Cleaned

The process for cleaning healthcare facilities is unlike cleaning in a standard work environment. At ServiceMaster Building Services we use proper hospital-approved disinfectant products in areas and on surfaces that may have become contaminated. Beyond basic Portland cleaning services like window cleaning, dusting, restroom care, and floor, carpet, and upholstery cleaning we provide the following healthcare cleaning services:

  • Operating room terminal cleaning
  • Cleaning exam and procedure rooms
  • Stairwell and other high-traffic area cleaning

We are Medicaid/Medicare compliant, HIPPA compliant, as well as JCAHO compliant. It is best to do business with a Portland healthcare cleaning service that you know is trustworthy from the beginning rather than dealing with any Portland janitorial service that does not have top credentials or specialize in cleaning healthcare facilities. You may think you are saving a few bucks elsewhere but choosing a reliable cleaning service will save you peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to help prevent HAIs. It could save you extra money, given the possibility of some random under-qualified Portland janitorial service leaving you a larger mess than you started with. Selecting us will also save you time if an under-qualified Portland cleaning service slacks on the job or simply disappears and you have to find a new one. We are dedicated to our service.

Please visit our healthcare services page to see the types of healthcare facilities we proudly serve.