Top 5 Must-Have Traits for Your Portland Janitorial Provider

1. Exceptional Service

A stand out customer service team is a must. Every individual will have different expectations for their cleaning service, and you need your janitorial provider to hit the target for everyone. With a dedicated account manager you can call with concerns or special requests, you always have service that will impress with ServiceMaster Building Services in Portland, Oregon.


2. Top of the Line Equipment and Processes

The right equipment and processes for cleaning your building mean a better, deeper clean for your facility. They can also shave several minutes off of every task, which adds up to significant savings.


3. Custom Solutions

Your janitorial services provider must be ready to create a custom cleaning plan to fit your business’ needs and schedule. Expect your janitorial team to be able to work whatever hours you need—day or night. Your business has its own unique needs for what needs to be cleaned, and when. A quality janitorial cleaning company like ServiceMaster Building Services will always ask you about your specific needs and customize the cleaning plan to fit.


4. Green Cleaning

Going green isn’t only about the environment; it’s also about creating a healthier environment for your employees and visitors. A quality janitorial company will offer green cleaning services for a healthy clean.


5. A Name You Trust

A business’ reputation lets you know what sort of quality and service you can expect. ServiceMaster Clean is known nationwide for our commitment to providing excellent service. Here in Portland and the surrounding areas, ServiceMaster Building Services is known for upholding that commitment and providing cleaning services that will exceed your expectations. Just ask us for references!