Why Hiring a Professional Cleaner Makes a Difference

In Vancouver, WA janitorial services come in two basic flavors. You can hire a professional cleaning service that has a record of doing excellent work, or you can hire a less expensive, under-the-radar cleaning crew you hope will accomplish the job correctly. So why would you pay the extra for the ‘real’ crew?


License to Do Business

The first thing that separates a professional crew from an unlicensed and cheaper janitor is the license. What does a license mean? It shows that your cleaning crew is reliable and trustworthy. An unlicensed cleaner may simply vanish one day because they were caught doing business without a license, and then you’ll be stuck searching for another janitorial service.


Certification from an Industry Board

There are a few different groups that provide certifications for janitorial services in Vancouver, WA. Regardless of who the janitorial crew is certified from, they all verify if the crew you hire actually knows their craft.



A cleaning crew that doesn’t have insurance is a disaster waiting to happen. If members of the janitorial crew should happen to injure themselves while working on your property, you are the person who is responsible. If this occurs, be ready to pay for costly medical bills or be prepared for legal action. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid all of this by hiring insured professionals.



On the opposite end is bonding. A bonded janitorial service provider should be able to pay for any damages they’ve caused to your property. Illegitimate cleaning crews will simply vanish into the night and leave the mess for you to clean up.