Selecting a Post-Construction Cleaning Company

Portland construction cleanup services.Research Services and Reputations

A simple web search will give you several Portland post-construction cleaning companies to choose from. Check out their websites and compare the listed services. Leverage this knowledge when you call so you can ask smart questions about their services. Even if a service isn’t specifically listed on the website, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Many Portland janitorial and commercial cleaning companies perform other cleaning services as part of their larger suite of services. Check out reviews so you can select a company that is known to provide excellent service.


Get the Professionals

An unlicensed, uninsured cleaner could be very inexpensive, but you also put yourself at risk of being sued if anything should happen while uninsured cleaners are on your property. Not only is it financially risky, but you also don’t have a lot of options if the post-construction cleaning is poorly done.


Estimates and a Written Plan are Essential

Don’t go into the post-construction cleaning blind. Schedule a walk-through with your chosen company or companies and get a written estimate including all of your desired services. Review this thoroughly to be sure you and your Portland commercial cleaning partner are on the same page.


Check Their Work and Share the Results

Perform your own check following completion of the Portland post-construction cleaning to assess whether all of your expectations were met. If they were, enjoy the results! If not, call your cleaning partners back in to finish the job right. And always review the company to give back to your community.