Post Construction: The Final Touch

PORTLAND: Construction cleaning isn’t the most glamorous of jobs — you’re generally far overshadowed by the construction workers that had just built the structure you are cleaning, but it’s absolutely critical to clean a newly developed building and have it ready for its tenants. In Portland, construction cleaning is looked at as an ongoing process that begins basically at the same time construction begins and isn’t over until the site is ready for the public to enter.


The Rough Clean

The first major phase of post-construction cleanup happens after the framing, plumbing, and electrical processes have been certified and complete. It may happen before, during, or after the drywall is installed. It consists of the removal of any large debris and/or trash as well as a complete sweep-out and a removal of window stickers. The intention is to prepare the site for the painting, flooring, and other subcontractors.


The Prep Clean

The next cleaning happens prior to the general contractor’s inspection and final “punch list”. It includes going through and removing any tags or stickers on any appliances, fixtures, or windows; cleaning and wiping down every surface of the structure including light fixtures, door frames, and floors.


The Punch Clean

After all the subcontractors have completed their job and the general contractor has verified that the construction is complete, the last people to touch a newly constructed building are the cleaning crew. The punch clean is the final go-over, with every carpet getting vacuumed, every glass surface cleaned to a streak-free shine, and every item dusted. The signature on the punch clean is the last item the general contractor needs to declare the building open to the public.