Portland Winter Cleaning Tips

Winter weather can be tough on your Portland commercial building. Keep your building looking great all winter by being proactive in protecting your investments. Count on our team at ServiceMaster Building Services to protect your property and keep your team happy and healthy all winter long.’


Floor Care

It’s easy to write off dingy looking carpets and dull hard floors as an unfortunate consequence of the rainy winter weather, but don’t fall for false logic. Cleaning your commercial carpets and hard floors this winter isn’t wasted money—it’s a necessary step in protecting the huge investment you have made in flooring. Regular carpet cleaning removes debris and harmful particles before they have a chance to damage the carpet fibers, and a protective coating on the carpet fibers guards against further damage from regular use. Your wood floors are also due for some protection of their own to guard against the winter wetness. ServiceMaster Building Services brings Wood Glo to your commercial facility, for a coating that will protect against damage, including regular wear and tear, cracking, and discoloration. Additional protection can be given to your floors with the installation of mats at every outdoor door to collect the water, leaves, and other tracked-in debris before they reach your beautiful floors.


Improve Indoor Air Quality and Health

Not only is winter tough on the building itself, but it is also a difficult time for your team. Cold season is in full swing, and frequent hand washing isn’t much help if your team has desks covered in bacteria. Frequent desk and workspace sanitization, cleaning of faucets, meeting room tables, and other surfaces help keep your team healthy. A healthy staff is also a more productive one.

Keep your business running strong this winter with an ongoing Portland janitorial contract or one-time commercial cleaning services from ServiceMaster Building Services.