Portland & Vancouver Commercial Floor Care Services

In any type of commercial or office setting, hard-surfaced floors can be one of the most impressive aspects of an office. Floors can help bring together the color and décor of an office, and when properly maintained and well cared for, they can do much more than visually please the eye of your guests, clients, and customers. Clean floors can help provide a sharper business image for your office and help improve safety by increasing slip resistance. Unfortunately, all floor types are different and each requires a different type of cleaning process. Below is a general overview of how each type of floor surface is cleaned and maintained with professional services.



Most commercial settings with carpeting, generally utilize tightly knit carpeting with very low shag. Most offices opt for carpeting with low fibers in order to help resist against trapping stains, crumbs, and dirt. Low-shag carpeting also has other benefits than being tough against dirt; they are able to dry much faster than long-fibered carpeting, allowing various carpet cleaning methods such as hot-water extraction cleaning to be highly effective.


Stone & Ceramic Tile Flooring

Stone and ceramic flooring can be highly difficult or easy to clean, the key factor is whether or not the floor has been sealed. When a stone floor has a proper seal on its surface, the surface is smooth and solid, and all that is needed for clean floors is a simple sweep and mop with an occasional polish and buffering. When stone floors are not sealed, cleaning can be quite difficult as the stone surfaces are porous and contain several tiny holes or crevices where dirt, dust, and food items can all become trapped in.


Vinyl Floors

There is a reason why vinyl floors are commonly used in commercial settings, it is mainly because they are inexpensive, durable, waterproof, and stain resistant. But time will wear down anything, fortunately, vinyl floors are extremely easy to clean. All vinyl floors require aside from a simple sweep and mop, is a shampoo application and polish treatment in order to remove any tough grime and to restore the shimmer in the vinyl floors to look like new.

When you need to treat the floors of your commercial facility, you can count on the Portland and Vancouver office cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Building Services. Whatever the type of flooring your facility has, we can make a custom designed floor care plan just to fit your needs. We’ve been serving the area for more than 50 years, and with the use of our specially designed equipment and cleaning agents, we’ll be able to handle all of your floor care needs. For additional information about our Portland and Vancouver cleaning services, feel free to contact our office today.