Improving Your Office Air Quality with Portland Janitorial Services

Portland janitorial services are recognized for keeping your buildings, workspace, conference rooms, and break rooms clear of waste and clear of germs. But the one aspect you probably didn’t realize is that ServiceMaster Building Services goes above and beyond to ensure that the air quality in your office is as clean as it can be.

You may be wondering why we do that, and that is because we understand that the air in your office can trigger allergies, illnesses, dust, and germs, which all can hinder and limit your employees’ productivity.When we service your office, our goal is to make your workspace a clean and efficient environment. Below is a glimpse as to how we do it.


HEPA Filters

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to improve the air quality in your office is through the use of HEPA filtration systems on vacuums and air units. With the use of HEPA filters, they allow air systems and vacuums to capture dust, allergens, dirt particles, and other fine airborne contaminants much more efficiently. In comparison to

One of the biggest things we do to help improve your office is to use HEPA filtered equipment.  By using HEPA filters, it allows vacuums to capture dust, dirt particles, allergens, and other contaminants much more effectively. HEPA filtration will help capture more particles from your floors and ensure that they don’t become airborne, hampering the air you breathe.


Green office cleaning in Portland, ORGreen Cleaners

With the use of green, eco-friendly cleaning agents, you avoid the use of traditional chemical cleaners that can release volatile organic compounds, creating poor indoor air quality. With the use of green cleaning products, you’ll be using biodegradable agents that won’t leave behind any chemical residue, can effectively clean and sanitize surfaces, and isn’t laced with long-lasting scented perfumes. Green cleaning products were made specifically to provide a cleaner, better environment by eliminating pollution-causing ingredients while providing the same cleaning punch as traditional chemical cleaners.

When you want to make an improvement in your office with green cleaning janitorial services in Portland, contact the commercial cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Building Services. We provide Portland & Vancouver commercial cleaning services that will keep your office and facility in pristine condition. Contact us today to learn more about our green cleaning services in the Portland metro area.