The Importance of Commercial Green Cleaning

Traditional cleaning chemicals contain volatile organic compounds and other toxic materials. These chemicals may be very effective for removing dirt, debris, and other messy materials, but they are also harmful to the environment and to people’s health. The presence of toxins from cleaning solutions has been found to cause significant increases in respiratory illnesses, skin conditions, eye irritation, and other health issues.

For a healthy clean, ServiceMaster Building Services offers green cleaning services for your Portland property. Our specialized Green For products are designed to provide a thorough cleaning without causing the same environmental and health impact as traditional cleaners. Our janitorial cleaning services provide a healthy environment for your team and your customers.

Portland janitorial services from ServiceMaster Building Services leave your facility looking great. Our well-trained staff members are equipped to provide excellent service, from restroom sanitization to window washing. With green cleaning janitorial services from ServiceMaster Building Services, not only do you receive cost-effective, excellent cleaning services, but you also receive a healthy, environmentally friendly cleaning.

Call today for your green cleaning estimate from the Portland janitorial cleaning company that cares.