Greenify Your Portland Home or Office by Cleaning Green

Recent studies suggest that a majority of cleaning products contain chemicals with the potential to cause negative long-term effects on your health. At ServiceMaster Building Services, we are experts in green commercial cleaning services in Portland, Oregon.

There has been an enormous effort toward green marketing in the last decade, and as a result, we have access to more green commercial cleaning products than ever, such as Seventh GenerationMrs. MyersSimple Green, and many more. If you prefer to go with a cheaper route, there are many online resources that can teach you how to make your own natural-ingredient cleaning products with simple household items.


Proper Disposal of Waste

A big way you can help your environment after you make the switch to green cleaning products is by properly disposing of all your old products, including their containers, as they can also be harmful as they may end up in landfills or have their contents seep into water supplies. To properly dispose of chemical cleaning products and their containers, contact your local recycling center.


Air Circulation

The air we breathe in our homes or our workplace is a component to consider for long-term health. It’s not uncommon for indoor air to be more toxic than outdoor air, simply due to building insulation and the lack of quality air filtration, so whenever possible, try to crack open a window. You’ll allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home or office, reducing your property’s level of indoor air pollution.


No Chemical Fragrances

Finally, to improve your air quality, don’t buy a plugin or an aerosol air freshener containing an excessive amount of packaging or unknown chemicals. Instead, opt to boil natural ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, or any number of good smelling herbs. Your home will smell better, its cost effective, and you won’t have to mask your property with artificial chemical fragrances.

When you’re looking to switch to green commercial cleaning services in Portland, Oregon, call ServiceMaster Building Services.