Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Service in Portland

What To Look For in a Commercial Cleaner for Your Portland Business

When it comes to selecting a Portland commercial cleaning service, you usually get what you pay for. Proper building maintenance is an important part of how you are perceived. A clean and organized space communicates that you are professional and capable. Not to mention a tidy workspace has a positive effect on employees as well. You can see how choosing the right commercial cleaning service is critical.

If a Portland janitorial cleaning service has an offer from a daily deals site like GrouponAmazon, or Living Social, before you grab the coupon just because it’s a good deal, do a little research first. To help you determine if a commercial cleaning service is the right professional team for you, Portland, we have put together a few easy tips below.


Tip 1: Look Online for Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Yes, sometimes a very professional and qualified commercial cleaning service in Portland will get a bad review from a past customer but that shouldn’t immediately get them scratched off your list. You can’t please everybody all the time but as long as there are plenty more positive reviews than bad reviews AND the Portland janitorial service offers the commercial cleaning services you need that fit your budget, give them a call.


Tip 2: Are They Insured?

This next commercial cleaning tip is extremely important. Make sure the janitorial cleaning service is bonded and insured so that you are not responsible for any damages or accidents. If anything happens to your property and belongings or guests or clients belongings, you are at risk.


Tip 3: Call the Commercial Cleaning Service!

Give them a call and talk to them about how they schedule cleaning appointments, if they require a contract, what types of products they use, anything that is important to you or that may require some custom attention.

That’s it! You just have to do a little bit of homework to find the best Portland cleaning company.