5 Tips To Make Your Portland Office Shine

Anyone who works in an office knows that from time to time the place gets in disarray with clutter, trash and disorganization. Office cleaning isn’t exactly a favorite hobby among employees either. Portland, Oregon’s corporate office buildings also get a lot of traffic from visitors. Office cleaning can have a positive impact on your appearance for guests and the overall well-being of your employees. Here are five tips for keeping everything pleasant to the eye:


Develop the Right Habits in Your Employees

Remind all of your employees that they have a basic responsibility to their work environment. They should each be making an effort to leave every public space cleaner when they leave it than it was when they entered, and they should each spend at least 15 minutes out of every day just focusing on keeping their personal environment clean and tidy.


Don’t Allow Eating At the Workstations

Look at it this way; would you allow your employees to work at the kitchenette? Eating at one’s desk leads to grease-stained keyboards and food falling between the keys. It also causes desks to be cluttered when items are not recycled or thrown away.


Every Friday is Clean-up Day

Every Friday before they check out for the weekend, every employee should take the time to wipe down their computer, monitor, keyboard, speakers, telephone, lamp, pencil holders, paper organizers, and anything else in their personal area. Always spray your cloth with cleaner and then wipe; never spray cleaner directly onto any object.


The Trash Is Still Part of the Office Environment

Just because something is thrown away doesn’t mean it gets a free ride. The trash is open to the rest of the office, and whatever you threw away yesterday, is gathering bacteria and releasing an odor into the air with each passing moment. Depending on the situations with your janitorial crew, it is best to have trash bins be emptied every day.


Don’t Leave a Mess for the Janitor

Remind your employees; the janitor has plenty on their list of tasks. Don’t ever just leave a mess for the janitor to deal with because you know that the janitor is there. Be considerate and toss your leftovers into the appropriate trash or recycle bins.


All in all, cleanliness in the office makes for a more relaxing and professional work environment for visitors and employees. Call the experts at ServiceMaster Building Services for office cleaning services in Portland.