4 Tips to Keeping Your Portland Office Clean

A clean, orderly office shows off your company’s professionalism and ability care for even minor details. This impression might be great for business, but it can be a tough sell with your hardworking team. In tandem with professional Portland janitorial services, your team can keep your office looking its best day in and day out. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Build an environment where cleanliness is expected.

Explain the value of keeping the workspace clean, and remind your team of their responsibility to support the business and their teammates by taking care of the shared spaces they use. For their own desks, foster an enjoyment of organization and order, and set expectations for your team to keep their spaces neat.


Finish the week with a cleaning kick.

Before heading home every Friday, have your team take a few minutes to straighten up their workstations. Documents can be neatly placed in their proper location, and the desk, keyboard, mouse, and other office supplies lightly wiped down with a damp cloth.


Food is best left in the kitchen and away from workspaces.

Eating at the desk means food gets into a lot of places it shouldn’t be, including the keyboard, carpets, and other surfaces. Keep the food in the kitchen and keep your workspaces clean.


Don’t leave it all for the janitorial staff.

Having paid professionals coming to the office to clean doesn’t mean a free pass on cleaning up after oneself. Your team of trained Portland cleaning experts are busy focusing on the big picture—keeping the office looking great and giving you a healthy work environment by removing contaminants and bacteria. If your staff tidies up after themselves, that frees the janitorial experts to focus on making your business look good and keeping your staff healthy. Get the most bang for your buck by freeing the janitors to focus on the cleaning that matters most to your company.


Not only is getting your team invested in the office’s cleanliness important for keeping it clean, but it is also key that you select a Portland janitorial cleaning company to partner with that shares your high standards. At ServiceMaster Building Services, we are committed to excellence. We practice open communication and you have one clear point of contact so you always know whom to call with questions, concerns, or for additional services. Our team is here to help you.