ServiceMaster Building Services

What is Green Cleaning?

We were one of the first cleaning service providers in Oregon to be certified by the Green Seal organization. ServiceMaster Building Services is GS-42 Certified, meeting Green Seal’s Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services for reduced toxicity, waste and exposure. Due to the rigid standards for certification and annual compliance audit, some service providers are unfortunately unable to comply with the requirements. Currently we are one of only five GS-42 certified cleaning service providers in the states of Oregon and Washington. All of them are ServiceMaster franchises.

We provide green cleaning to over 98% of our customer base. Green cleaning is not just about adding products that have been certified or recognized as environmentally friendly. It is not just adopting new greener tools such as microfiber technology that makes cleaning more effective. Green cleaning is not even adequately described by the universally accepted definition, “products or services that reduce the impact on health and the environment compared to similar products or services used for the same purpose.” The benefits of green cleaning are maximized when environmentally preferable products, effective tools, efficient equipment and proper training are all married into a system that provides consistent and predictable results—time after time, while reducing health and environmental impacts. All of the necessary elements have been identified and developed into the Capture and Removal Cleaning System (C&R) designed to deliver consistent effective cleaning efficiently.

Dust_wand The Capture and Removal Cleaning System is a system designed by ServiceMaster Clean for routine daily cleaning. The simplicity of the system encourages improvements in productivity, accomplished by shifting the focus of routine cleaning; reducing the number of products, tools and supplies; and simplifying processes and training. This is all accomplished using certified sustainable cleaning products, tools and equipment.

The first step to tapping into the benefits of C&R is to design a building-specific cleaning plan. Daily and weekly cleaning tasks must be identified, quantified and assigned to a position. Regardless of the number of cleaning staff in the building, C&R is easily adaptable as positions and responsibilities may vary based on building size, layout and service level. The building specific plan now becomes a matter of routing the production based on building layout. A floor plan is a necessity in setting up the building specific plan. This floor plan can be as simple as the fire escape schematic posted on the wall. The goal is efficiently moving the work flow through the building eliminating as much wasted motion and backtracking as possible to reduce energy consumption and lessen worker fatigue and make the cleaning process more efficient.

In addition to green cleaning and capture & removal processes, we are currently providing food recycling services both Columbia Square and Union Bank. The tenants are responsible for placing their recyclable food waste into a composting container which is separate from the regular trash. The food waste is then deposited into a specific container.