ServiceMaster Building Services


Business diversity has become more and more important in the workplace. ServiceMaster Building Services is a minority-owned company that has valued, encouraged, and supported a diverse workforce from our earliest days. In fact, our ownership group is local and works in our business. We are also big supporters of Portland’s African American community.

We are a certified MBE and DBE business and our staff is about 80% minorities. Our supervisory staff is 94% minority held and 35% of our supervisors and assistants are women. Our hiring process does not discriminate in any way due to race, age, sex, or religion and we encourage all employees to excel and pursue more opportunities with ServiceMaster.

We at ServiceMaster Building Services believe that companies that hire from a diverse group of employees operate more effectively. Hiring the best available talent, with no concern for gender, race, sexual orientation or religion means that our company’s collective education and experience is broader than most. At ServiceMaster Building Services we know that a more diverse team of employees inspire their coworkers to perform to the very best of their ability.

Leading companies like ours know it’s essential to maintain diversity as a top business value. Being a certified minority-owned company that embraces the many diverse cultures and ethnicities that propel our workforce, we recognize the value of human differences and utilize them as an element of our strategic planning. Diversity allows for us to have fresh ideas and “out of the box” points of view. Our commitment is demonstrated in all areas of our organization by promoting fairness and equality hand-in-hand with diversity.

ServiceMaster Building Services is accountable to Honor God in all we do, Help People Develop, Excel with Customers, and Grow Profitably. These key components support our goal to thrive, not just to survive. This makes us a unique and versatile company with a strong standing presence in the workforce. We believe the people we work with should be as diverse as the people we serve.